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Client Reviews: Client Reviews

Kaitlyn gave me amazing support for my homebirth. She is intuitive and thoughtful. She knew where to be when I needed her most- breathing with me and helping to keep me grounded. She spent the rest of the night carrying boiling buckets of water up to the birth tub to keep it warm for me as a superhero. She also gave me placenta birth art that I will treasure forever. I am so pleased with her support! I highly recommend her and am so grateful she was part of my support system.

Laura Dean

Words cant express my love for Kaitlyn. She was so attentive to my needs and wants for my natural birth.. I ended up having a scheduled c section and she was still there for me. I wish every expecting mother knew her options to have someone by her side for emotional and physical support. She’s taught me so much about my options for birthing etc I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive woman! I recommend her 10/10!!

Chelsea Williams

I would highly recommend Artful Birth Support for any mama, new or experienced!

Kaitlyn has a strength of self like no one else and she is able to share this strength with you when you need it most. Yet at heart she is gentle and kind as well. She is mindful of thoughts and feelings and the power of self talk. Kaitlyn truly honors the feminine nature and beauty of birth- the strength of women.

She encouraged me to spiritually and personally prepare for the home birth of my second. During labor- like hour 14 or something- I was really getting discouraged by how long it was taking. Kaitlyn gave me the wake up call I needed! She reminded me that It takes what it takes and keep your thoughts positive! She helped create a laid back and chill environment when I was feeling stressed and it just melted the stress away and I was able to keep working. She was calm, present, loving, but also very matter of fact and real with me as well. She never acted bored or stressed while she sat with me laboring ALL DAY.

And now I have the privilege to work with her again as I prepare to welcome my third baby to the world. She has helped me process the feelings of fear associated with my first birth as I prepare for another (dreaded) hospital experience. She uses art and therapeutic conversation to address these feelings. I feel so much more empowered this time as I prepare for this less than ideal situation.

What it really comes down to is that when preparing for labor there’s no one else I’d rather have by my side (maybe my husband too ). I can trust her to encourage me with those wake up calls when I’m feeling weak or worn out. I can trust her to be with me the whole time, sharing her strength, skills, and her realness.

Megan Nida

I couldn’t have done it without Kaitlyn by my side. In transition, she was calm and grounding, holding and carrying me through each contraction. Afterwards, she supported me in cleaning up and settling down with our baby. She gave me a foot massage while I nursed. Kaitlyn truly was built for this work and is an amazing doula. I can’t recommend her enough!

Tiff Lu

 Kaitlyn having you as our doula was truly the best decision we could have made in this pregnancy, it was such an honor to have you with us during this incredible time. The gift that you have given us in being there for us, supporting us, and helping me through everything yesterday and helping bring our or beautiful girl into the world is priceless and will stay with us forever. Thank you thank you for everything you have done these past few months and yesterday, you are an incredible doula and person, and we are very lucky to have met you. 

Megg Wakefield 

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