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Honoring the Sacred in Your Pregnancy & Birth

Your Birth. Your Support.

I’m Kaitlyn Terry, a parent, partner, art educator, and full spectrum Doula serving the Greater Rochester, Buffalo, and Finger Lakes communities. I have been attending births for years and found myself transformed by the connection, the strength, and the beauty of birth. As a DONA trained Doula, I provide families evidence based birth research and gentle supportive care to help birthing persons  hold witness to their own power and agency in birth. I look at each new birth as a unique experience and in return I provide the birthing person mindful tools, comfort measures, and motivation to navigate physiological birth. I hold a safe an inclusive space for all birthing persons, providing continuous mental and physical support during birth, capturing the beauty of birth in special artful keepsakes, and nurturing parents and siblings in their new changing roles. 

My Scope Includes:

-Birth & Postpartum Doula Support

-Homebirth & Hospital Birth protocols

-Evidence Based Birth Research

-Intuitive Birth Keeping

-Meditation & Breathe Work



-Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

-Birth art

-Lactation Counseling

My expertise will help you feel connected to your baby, your body and your strength.

Together we will embark on a relationship preparing you, supporting you and honoring you and your baby’s journey. 

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My Birth Story

My journey has been a harrowing one with deep loss and great joy. It has grounded me in my work as a doula. I have had multiple losses and after battling endometriosis and losing an ovary I was told I may not be able to conceive. Dark times set in longing and searching for the answers that kept coming up short in the medical establishment.

I know I longed for something more something deeper, something that connected to me to my mother and hers before me. Some kind of deep knowing and strength, with years of loss and reflection I realized this is birth, the life and the death. It is real and the greatest power that connects us to our creator and to our animal primal sense.

Welcoming my two babies into my home, one in my bed and one in the water transcended me into an understanding that I could no longer ignore. The understanding of the beauty and fragility of birth and the intense raw magic that it holds. Life was no longer about teaching children to find their inner artist. It grew into something more, an affirmation of my victory, my strength and my survival of a very difficult and joyous time in my life. Coming to grips with those experiences and emotions made me realize some of my own existential quandaries. What is the meaning of this life and what is my purpose?

I have found no greater moment of transcendence than that of birth and death. Committing to be a birth keeper pushes me towards achieving my spiritual goals.

I’ll never forget the feeling I came home after my first birth as an official doula, the pride, the high, the exhaustion, the profound gratitude of witnessing the sacred. I knew in that moment that I could truly be proud for what I was about to commit my life to, there is no greater work than supporting the entry of life. So yes, I am living my best life and look forward to how I can grow and learn to further serve others in their most important moment.

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